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Lencolo, Dispaly Innovation China Expo 2024 successfully held!!

Lencolo 2024-07-09 49

In early July, Shanghai is scorching hot and passionate! Just like the boiling blood of Lencolo, we move forward courageously and actively explore new tracks!

Interactive scene

On July 5, DIC 2024 China (Shanghai) International Display Technology and Application Innovation Exhibition came to a successful conclusion at the Shanghai New International Expo Center! Guangdong Lencolo New Materials Co., Ltd., as the only resin raw material supplier at this exhibition, showed everyone the application directions of UV resins, monomers, and photoinitiators commonly used in the display field! It attracted many industry customers to come for consultation and exchange!


Exhibition site

As an important event in the global display technology field, this exhibition not only provides a platform for the industry to display and communicate, but also provides everyone with an opportunity to understand and experience the latest scientific and technological materials.

As an upstream material supplier, we have a better understanding of the needs of end customers and have made a small contribution to breaking through the barriers of communication between upstream, midstream and downstream.

Products on display

Looking back at the three-day exhibition, Lencolo displayed UV raw materials that can be used for mobile phone screens, car screens and TV screens. For example, UV resin for OCA optical glue, anti-fouling UV resin for AF, printed or direct-coated UV resin for AR and AG, self-repairing UV resin for film, etc.

Under the background of domestic industrial upgrading, the voice of independent research and development of supply chain enterprises is getting higher and higher. Lencolo New Materials, as a domestic new material independent brand focusing on the research and development of functional UV resins, functional UV monomers, additives and photoinitiators!

Main application areas of products:

  UV hardening varnish,

  UV transfer glue,

  UV soft touch coating,

  EPU glue,

  car film self-repairing varnish,

  AR/AG/AF coating,

  LED UV adhesive / LED UV inkjet

  3D UV printing inks,

  UV nail polish.

  Various printing inks,

  furniture floor coating,

  cosmetics vacuum plating spraying coatings,

  and other fields.

Through this exhibition, we have strengthened our determination to keep moving forward and pursue excellence. We will make our own modest contribution to promoting the in-depth cultivation and innovative breakthroughs in the field of display applications.

Although the exhibition is over, our journey as the upstream raw material supplier has just begun. We look forward to fighting side by side with industry predecessors on the road ahead. Create greater glory!

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