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Lencolo at CHINACOAT 2023 exhibition ended successfully!

Lencolo 2023-11-29 147

  The three-day "28th International Coatings Exhibition" ended successfully in Shanghai today. Under the leadership of Director Ye, Lencolo sales team worked closely together. The popularity of Lencolo booth was high, and customers came to consult continuously every day. As time went on, the reception area was all taken. Here, we are very grateful to the new and old customers and friends who attended the meeting.

  With your support, Lencolo exhibition at CHINACOAT 2023 was a complete success. On the way to pursue our dreams, we will continue to innovate and persevere, and give back to our customers and friends with better products. Cooperation is also a kind of fate. I hope we can cherish this fate and use our wisdom and sweat to build a more brilliant career in the future.

  01 Highlights

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 02 Successful ENDING

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Looking back on the past three days, Lencolo booth has been very lively. Many new and old friends have come to visit the exhibition one after another. There are endless voices of admiration, consultation and negotiation at Lencolo booth. Customers and friends consulted the salesmen carefully, exchanged contact information with each other after fully understanding Lencolo's products, and looked forward to future cooperation.

  For every customer who comes to visit, Lencolo's staff are very enthusiastic and answer customers' questions in details, striving to ensure that every customer understands Lencolo's high-quality products. You can also feel the sincere service attitude of Lencolo staff and experience Lencolo's sincerity and trustworthiness.

  Although this exhibition has come to an end, Lencolo has not forgotten our original intention and our enthusiasm has not diminished.

  See you at Guangzhou CHINACOAT next year

  Summarizing the past and looking forward to the new chapter, this exhibition brings Lencolo not only contact information one by one, but also a new starting point for cooperation with customers and a new bridge on the road to cooperation with customers.

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 We will remain committed to Persistence in making good products and providing good services with heart! Let us look forward to meeting again in Guangzhou CHINACOAT in 2024!

  Lencolo is very grateful to the customers who came to visit and communicate! However, due to the rush of time, we ask for your understanding for our possible neglected poor reception. After the exhibition, a business specialist will visit you to discuss cooperation, thank you.