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Introduction of UV printing process application

Lencolo 2022-07-07 198

1.UV printing is a printing process of drying and curing ink by UV light. It is necessary to match the ink containing photosensitizer with UV curing lamp. The application of UV printing is one of the most important contents in the printing industry.

2. According to the trend of development, now hot stamping process, laminating, embossing and so on has not completely satisfied with people to the pursuit of beauty, it is now the emergence of the UV printing, broke the conventional four-color printing, UV printing can reflect bronzing effect not just now, particularly in the application of cosmetics packaging is more extensive, gold and silver cardboard, composite paper and aluminum paper, As well as the coated paper, the application in the field of cosmetic packaging is more and more extensive, showing a sustained and stable growth momentum.

3. Because these substrates can not be printed in the ordinary way, and must be through UV technology to achieve the desired effect, so not only more and more UV glazing is applied, the use of UV printing ink is more common.

4. According to the development of this trend, UV printing will become a world standard, UV printing has colorful compared with the traditional offset printing, printing materials, special product novel, the wide prospect of market and other characteristics, the fine packing is suitable for high-end business CARDS, high-end commercial brochures, special desk calendar, special label printing, and other areas of the product!

5. Lencolo brand series of products are widely used in: all kinds of light curing UV coatings, light curing UV ink, light curing UV adhesive, 3C electronic products, automotive interior and exterior decoration, high-grade furniture surface coating, packaging printing, functional film surface plus hard wear treatment and other industrial fields.

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