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Lencolo 1108 highly effective dispersant for dumb powder

Lencolo 2022-06-28 185
Lencolo 1108 contains boiled polymer copolymer with affinity group for inorganic powder, excellent wetting and dispersion effect, suitable for the dispersion of imported dumb powder, domestic dumb powder, inorganic filler, metal powder, nano powder and other powder; It is especially suitable for dispersion system of dumb powder, with outstanding performance of high efficiency dispersion, viscosity reduction and anti settlement.

1. It has great viscosity reduction ability for high content (20%) dumb powder system coatings and inks, and provides excellent fluidity.
2. The matt slurry is evenly dispersed without particles, no reverse coarse, gloss and other appearance, but also can effectively prevent settlement.
3. Minimal effect on gloss, excellent stability, and excellent resin compatibility.
4. It has excellent dispersion wettability for sedimentation and gas phase dumb powder and inorganic pigment filler.
5. Used for matte UV, NC and PU system coating, wide range of use, less amount of addition, high performance and other advantages
6. It also has good dispersion effect on inorganic filler, metal powder and nano powder.

Application scope:
Architectural coatings, industrial coatings, wood coatings, UV coatings and other coatings in matte paint

Amount added: 5 ~ 12% of the amount of dumb powder to boil and disperse the need for 3 ~ 5 minutes
It is recommended that users conduct experiments to determine the optimal dosage before use.
Note: please evaluate the storage stability of the system when adding too much.
Packing specification: 25KG/ barrel

Tip: Lencolo 1108 is especially suitable for UV systems with high matt content, with good viscosity reduction and dispersion wettability.

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