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Application of Lencolo UV resin in printing

Lencolo 2022-06-27 802

The application of UV resin printing is one of the most important contents in the printing industry. There is no doubt that the deep processing of packaging products, such as hot stamping, laminating, embossing and various glazing applications have been very common, among which special effect glazing has become a trend. The rise of various glazing techniques is largely due to the development of technology and the configuration of printing presses. In the folding carton printing of cosmetics and cigarette packs, the sheet-fed offset press dominates. For those offsctdruckereien difficult to complete the special part, can be achieved by screen printing or single gravure printing.

Multi-unit glazing unit has become the most basic component of a sheetlet offset press, through which special effects can be easily completed, cosmetic packaging often uses some special materials. Metal card paper, composite card paper and aluminum spray paper, as well as the coated card paper, in the field of cosmetic packaging is more and more widely used, showing a sustained and stable growth momentum. New transparent composites have also begun to be used in plastic packaging. Because these substrates can not be printed in the ordinary way, and must be through UV technology to achieve the desired effect, so not only more and more UV resin glazing has been applied, UV resin printing ink is also more common.

In this trend, UV resin printing will become standard in the future, and achieving a stable print job will no longer be the luck of the draw it once was. Powerful paper collection curing system is only the most basic configuration, intermediate unit curing is no longer a luxury equipment, these devices for printing enterprises to provide a broad application space, can fully meet the various special requirements of the cosmetics industry. UV resin printing process mainly refers to the use of special UV ink on the UV printer to achieve local or overall UV printing effect, he is mainly suitable for the printing of non-absorbent materials, such as: gold card paper, silver card paper, pearllight paper, transparent adhesive, plastic, PVC, PE, grating, etc..

UV resin compared with the traditional offset printing with a colorful printing, printing materials, special product novel, the wide prospect of market and other characteristics, the fine packing is suitable for high-end business CARDS, high-end commercial brochures, special desk calendar, special label printing, and other areas of the product, you can search the special label printing, have introduced the UV resin printing.

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