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How to use Lencolo UV shadowless glue

Lencolo 2022-06-24 848

Lencolo  UV mirror-free adhesive resin is a special modified polyurethane acrylic UV resin, with good flexibility, plastic and glass have unique adhesion, water resistance, blister resistance and other characteristics, mainly used in LED lamp sealing and glass, permeability requirements are very high on the product bonding.

Method of use

Step 1: clean the surface of the product. If water or detergent remains on the surface after cleaning, it should be blown dry or wiped dry or wait for complete drying before dispensing. The second step: evenly apply the glue to the surface of the product to be bonded, and then squeeze the bubbles out and the glue level. Ensure that the bonding parts are covered with glue and fix the position. Step 3: Use cloth or paper towel to wipe out the excess glue around the product. Try not to expose the glue to uv rays before this step. Do not use wet cloth, wet paper, liquid (such as glass water, water, alcohol and other solvents) to wipe the glue around the product before completely curing. Step 4: illuminate with ultraviolet lamp until the adhesive layer has been fully cured. Ultraviolet lamp as close as possible to the bonding part can speed up the curing speed. The fifth step: after ultraviolet irradiation curing, the product is still around the spilled glue can be used to scrape the blade.

Matters needing attention

1, the ideal thickness of adhesive layer is 0.01-0.05mm, too thin or too thick will affect the bonding performance. 2, ensure that the adhesive layer absorbs sufficient ultraviolet energy to achieve the best curing effect, otherwise it is easy to affect the adhesive layer bonding performance. 3, do not move the glass or metal back and forth when ultraviolet radiation, otherwise it is easy to cause white adhesive layer and adhesion strength decline. 4, the remaining glue can not be poured back to the original packaging, should be protected from light sealed at room temperature, do not let children touch. 5. This product is slightly irritating to eyes and skin. Splash into eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If in contact with skin, rinse with soap. In more serious cases, consult your doctor. It is recommended that sizing should wear professional uv glasses and gloves.

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