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What are the advantages of UV adhesive?

lencolo 2022-09-21 176

UV glue can be used as an adhesive, and can be used as paint, paint and ink and other adhesives. The advantage of UV glue with so many uses is naturally very excellent.

1, compatibility is very good

Speaking of the characteristics of UV glue, the best is the compatibility of UV glue. Temperature, for moisture, sensitive materials can also be used barrier-free. When curing, the waiting time, curing degree can be adjusted. If you feel the curing is not satisfied, you can repeat the curing after sizing.

2, safety, environmental protection and no pollution

With the strong advocacy of the country, green, safe and pollution-free materials are constantly developed to enrich people's lives, UV glue is no exception. There is no solvent in the full solid UV glue, low flammability; UV glue has no volatility, so it has low environmental pollution.

3, curing speed, curing equipment is simple, is conducive to improve the efficiency of production line.

Suitable for a wide range of substrates, can be UV LED lamp or special mercury lamp irradiation curing, the time is very short 3-10 seconds can be cured, so in mass production can greatly improve the production efficiency, after the production line can be directly packaged.