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Lencolo’s Ancillary Products 1/2: Photoinitiators

Lencolo 2023-10-24 360

Photoinitiators are indispensable components in the world of UV coatings and inks. They are chemical compounds that initiate and facilitate the polymerization or curing process in UV-based coatings and inks when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. This reaction is a critical step in achieving a variety of desirable properties, including rapid drying, high durability, and exceptional finish quality.


In addition to common photoinitiators on the market, we have self-developed a series of photoinitiators with special functions, welcome to check it out. Each photoinitiator is developed for the targeted functions with good performance, and is very easy to apply.


Lencolo 5006D: Liquid photoinitiator 184

PI 184 in liquid form, more convenient to add, very suitable for all kinds of 100% solid UV systems, all kinds of UV ink systems.


Lencolo 5007D: Liquid photoinitiator TPO (also called TPOL)

TPOL has good compatibility with various monomers and UV resins, very convenient to use, very suitable for all kinds of 100% solid UV systems and UV ink systems.


Lencolo 5024: Anti-yellowing photoinitiator

Lencolo 5024 can significantly improve the yellowing resistance and aging resistance of various UV systems, has good surface curing and deep curing effect.


Lencolo 5030: LED photoinitiator

Lencolo 5030 has fast photocuring rate and thorough deep curing effect, very suitable for various LED UV systems.


Lencolo 5031D: Low odor synergistic photoinitiator

Lencolo 5031D Improve the UV curing rate with higher conversion rate, better deep curing effect, improve adhesion and wear resistance.


Lencolo 5032: Thin coating photoinitiator

Lencolo 5032 can significantly improved oxygen inhibition, very suitable for curing of thin UV coatings, making the cured system better wear resistance.


Lencolo 5033: Photoinitiator for black

Lencolo 5033 has higher absorption peak, applied to deep curing of colored, dark and black UV system, the deep curing is more thorough


Lencolo 5040: Photoinitiator for 3D printing

Lencolo 5040 is especially suitable for UV 3D printing field, it has better curing effect than TPO, under equal added amount, the finished product printed out has better details than TPO.


Lencolo 5050W: Water-based photoinitiator

Lencolo 5050W has good water solubility, transparent liquid, very convenient to add and apply UV water-based system.