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L-6109 UV Monomer CA Caprolactone Acrylate CAS#110489-05-9

L-6109 UV Monomer CA Caprolactone Acrylate CAS#110489-05-9

Application: It is widely used in coatings, inks, adhesives and other systems.

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L-6109 is a comonomer formed by the interaction of caprolactone and acrylic-acid. When they are copolymerized with other low molecular weight active chemicals as a monomer, the synthesized copolymer has high flexibility, excellent hydrolysis resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and good chemical compatibility similar to caprolactone, especially its strong impact toughness.

Chemical & physical data

Appearancetransparent liquid
Viscosity (25ºC, CPS)26-29CPS
Chroma (Gardner)≤50
Molecular weight(g/mol)344
Density (g/cm3,25/4ºC)1.06
Acid value (mgkoH/g)≤1
Refractive index1,463
Surface tension (dyne / cm)31.3
Functional group number1


Monofunctional monomer with low skin irritation, low volatility and low pungent smell;

Chemical resistance, weather resistance, flexibility, high impact strength and wear resistance are used to synthesize acrylic resin;

It can also be used as UV diluent alone.

It can also be cured and synthesized by cationic light


It is widely used in coatings, inks, adhesives and other systems.

Storage, shelf time and Packing

In order to prevent the product from polymerization and gelation, please seal and store it away from heat source and sunlight. Under normal circumstances, the safe storage period is 12 months

This Product will be packed into 20kg,25kg,200kg/drum.

Tips:L-6109 has low odor, high flexibility and low shrinkage.

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