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L-6010 Cost-effective special modified pure acrylic resin

L-6010 Cost-effective special modified pure acrylic resin

Application: UV plastic coating, UV silk screen varnish, PVC UV ink, PVC UV varnish, paper UV varnish, etc.

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L-6010 It is a special modified pure acrylic resin. The product has the advantages of good flexibility, good adhesion, very low shrinkage, good adhesion to PVC, paper, wood, etc., and good compatibility with dyes and colorants.

Chemical & physical data

AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
Viscosity (25℃, CPS)8000 ~ 18000CPS
Chroma (Gardner)≤1
UV Component (%) 100%
Density (g/cm3, 25℃)1.1 ± 0.1
Acid value (mgkoH/g)8--20
refractive index1.439
Shore hardness58D
Functional group number 2


Good flexibility, reduces shrinkage of UV coatings

good adhesion between layers

Good compatibility with dyes and colorants

Good adhesion to PVC, melamine faced board, acrylic plate, paper, wood, etc.


UV plastic coating, UV silk varnish, PVC UV ink, PVC UV varnish, paper UV varnish, etc.

Storage, shelf time and Packing

To prevent the product from polymerization reaction, please store it sealed and away from heat and light. Under normal circumstances, its safe storage period is 6 month.

This Product will be packed into 20kg、200kg/drum.

Tips: L-6010 is cost-effective and can significantly improve the adhesion of ink in PVC, paper, acrylic and other materials.

Chemical & physical data

L-6010High Cost Effective UV Pure Acrylic Resin
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L-6040Good compatibility UV pure acrylic resin
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Note: Technical data represents typical values only. In view of the differences in formulas, production process, conditions, all the above statements must be adjusted according to the actual situation, our company does not make any promises. Our company reserves the right to reform its products without prior notice of any changes.