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Lencolo brand since its inception, to create new functional materials involved in: Light curing UV resin, anti-graffiti anti-pollution UV resin, matte UV resin, elastic hand UV resin, double curing UV resin, steel velvet UV resin, glass UV resin, a coated color UV resin, high tensile UV resin, UV transfer glue, UV plus hard liquid, high adhesion PU resin, high fullness PU resin, fast drying TYPE PU resin, Can the silver plating coat resin, water-based one-component resin, water-based high wear resistant PU resin and a series of characteristics of functional resin, and dumb powder special dispersant, pure UV system fast defoaming agent, can screen printing heavy TuLiu flat agent, fingerprint resistant additives, graffiti resistant additives, silky feel agent, high performance nano materials, polymer features a variety of functions such as environmental protection material of new materials.

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We Provide Categories
of UV resins and Additives

UV Resin

UV resin include pure acrylate, epoxy acrylate, polyurethane acrylate, polyester acrylate, amino acrylate etc.

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Water-based Resin

Water-based Resin include water-based 1K resin, water-based PU resin and water-based UV resin.

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PU Resin

PU Resin include Thermoplastic acrylate resin (1K) and Thermoset acrylate PU resin (2K).

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A general term for small molecules that can polymerize with the same or other molecules

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A substance that can produce free radicals and further initiate polymerization under light

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Finished Products

Finished Products include UV varnish, UV adhesive etc.

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Functional additive

UV Additives used to improve or solve a certain function in UV coatings

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More Products

More good products are under development. Please contact our sales staff if necessary.

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application industry

UV Ink
3C Electronics
Car Paint
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There are planty industrial solution the filed. One of the best civil work in downtown have done by expert contractor.


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[New] High Performance UV Monomer β-CEA and TMCHA

Lencolo | 2024-04-17

[New] High Performance UV Monomer β-CEA and TMCHA

High Performance UV Monomer β-CEA and TMCHA

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Lencolo product application (10/24): UV resins for UV varnish for 3C products

Lencolo | 2024-04-02

Lencolo product application (10/24): UV resins for UV varnish for 3C products

UV resins for UV varnish for 3C products

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