L-6905C Anti-fouling and anti-steel wool UV resin

  1. Product details
  1. Product Name: Anti-fouling and anti-steel wool UV resin 
    Product model: L-6905C


    L-6905C is a fluorocarbon modified high reactive UV resin has good resistance to steel wool, graffiti and fingerprint, high transparency, high hardness, good toughness, hard but not brittle. Recommended high-end electronic products, all kinds of PMAA, PET, PC, metal and other materials surface hardening treatment.

    Chemical & physical data

    Milky white liquid
    Viscosity (25, CPS)
    UV Component (solid content %)
    Density (g/cm3,25)
    Acid value (mgkoH/g)


    1.Good leveling and transparency

    2.Anti-graffiti effect is good, dr-oplet angle more than 105

    3.Good resistance to steel wool

    4.Good toughness, hard but not brittle


    High requirements of UV coating, paint mobile phone anti-graffiti UV coating, plastic anti-graffiti UV coating, UV coating, a variety of anti-steel wool UV coating.

    Storage, shelf time and Packing

    This product will be functional for 1 year as long as storing under normal temperature and keeping away f-rom heat and light.

    This Product will be packed into 200kgs/drum.

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