L-2960 Self-repairing PU Resin

  1. Product details
  1. Product Name: Self-repairing PU Resin
    Product model: L-2960


    L-2960 is a kind of acrylic copolymer with good scratch resistance,good plumpness,outdoor aging resistance, automatic repair function and rapid repair effect. It is recommended for automotive film, automotive interior decoration,and motorcycle helmet protection.

    Chemical & physical data

    Colorless transparent liquid
    Viscosity(25, CPS)
    Solid content(%)
    OH value(solid content)
    OH%(solid content)
    Acid value (mgkoH/g)


    1.The film has self-repairing function. It can be repaired at room temperature for 1 hour, and hot water can be 2.repaired immediately.

    3.It has anti-fouling function and dr-oplet angle is over 105 degrees.

    4.Good aging and chemical resistance

    5.Good adhesion to PVC, TPU, ABS, PC, ABS + PC and other materials.


    Invisible coatings for automobiles, self-repairing coatings for motorcycles, self-repairing coatings for high-grade electronic products, anti-fouling coatings for various soft materials, etc.

    Storage, shelf time and Packing

    This product will be functional for 1 year as long as storing under normal temperature and keeping away f-rom heat and light.

    This Product will be packed into 200kgs/drum.

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