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Surface Treatment of Paint Coating

There are many methods of surface treatment in paint painting, such as steel wire brush, scraper, chemical method and so on. Specific treatment should be based on the need to get the standard type of coating to choose, at the same time, according to the cleanliness and roughness of the surface of the coated object, the type and characteristics of dirt and pollution level to choose.

The specific methods are as follows:

1. Use steel wire brush, scraper and other tools to remove loose materials, such as dust, rust, old paint film, etc., which are not originally belonged to the substrate, by using steel wire brush, steel scraper, sandpaper, brush, broom and other tools.

2. Treatment by power equipment or chemical method: remove the fastening or untreatable substances on the substrate by power equipment or chemical method, such as grease, chemical substances, gum and other substances that will fall off spontaneously or together with the coating later, affecting the adhesion of the coating.

3. By chemical erosion, sandblasting and other methods: the substrate is processed to make it rough and improve the adhesion of the film.

4. When the original substrate is unsuitable for finishing, chemical methods are used to improve the properties of the substrate and make it suitable for finishing.

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