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Pigment discoloration

Paint paint discoloration is a common phenomenon in home decoration construction. Some people think that the quality of paint paint paint is not good. It may be, but most of it is caused by improper operation. Paint paint discoloration is usually deepened on the original foundation.

Reasons for discoloration of paints and coatings:
1. Ester solvents in varnishes react with iron containers and turn black when they meet with water.
2. Turpentine can easily produce red-brown pigments in iron barrels.

3、Gold and silver powder and varnish are prone to acid corrosion, which makes the color of paint green, dark and lose luster.

4. Long storage period and discoloration of precipitation.

Avoidance methods:
1. For shellac varnish, which is most susceptible to discoloration, use non-metallic containers.
2. Participate in gold powder and silver powder before applying varnish. Do not deposit in varnish too early.
3. Paint coatings with precipitation discoloration, if not quality problems, can be used after stopping full mixing.

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